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Fri: 11:30-00.00

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Copine means girlfriend in French. That's what we want this restaurant to be to our first on Surbrunnsgatan.


She is French but loves the food culture throughout southern Europe and the Mediterranean. She is the classic of the two but welcomes everyone with open arms. Well-cooked food is front and center for her and she loves a wonderful atmosphere.

Reserve below:

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We serve lunch Tuesday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:00.


Are you a bigger group?

Book our chambre séparées

6  to 20 people. 



Separate chamber

Are you a larger group that wants to come and eat with us? We have the opportunity to serve both lunch and dinner in our chambre. We have several options for this depending on how many guests you are.


Book one of our private rooms for dinner where you will be served one of our three menu choices.


You will find the menu here.


Food inspiration course at Copine


During the inspiration course at Copine

we focus on you, it should be fun to cook so therefore we prepare and end the initial part of the dinner together. When it is ready, you sit around the table and let our professional chefs take care of the rest.


You will learn simple tricks and techniques that take cooking to the next level,

such as smoking, fermenting, infusing or emulsifying various raw materials.

Together we make the first snacks in the studio that are eaten during the mingling.


After four introductory snacks, a dinner of five servings and praline follows.


The snacks are based on cooking methods that give an insight into how we work in a professional kitchen, but will come in handy at your next dinner party.   


We accept company between 6-12 people.  

Price: SEK 1695 / pp.

The price includes course with chef, 4 snacks and spring  

Chef Choice menu of 5 servings.  

Activity with dinner takes about 4h.


Please note that that we are unable to accommodate any food preferences on the food inspiration course 


Drinks - we will contact you 1 week before arrival to talk about drinks. 


Kommendörsgatan 23

114 48 Stockholm

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